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With franchising, we have chosen a form of selling that offers key benefits for all involved.

As the franchiser, we grant our franchisees the right to use our product and our name within a defined regional territory to operate a business. Franchising is therefore a partnership of independent companies. There is a clearly defined, contractually regulated division of responsibilities between the franchiser and franchisee.

As the franchiser, we develop the business idea, create the sales and organisational concept, ensure the expansion of the business, train the franchisees and their employees, provide ongoing support, continuously develop the system and protect the brand.

The franchisee then has the opportunity to build up and develop something that normally takes an entrepreneur a lifetime – an established brand and a functioning concept. As an entrepreneur, they can be represented from the outset under an established brand and take advantage of the system’s image.

Are you the ideal franchisee?

We seek to attract people with an entrepreneurial spirit looking to accept responsibility in a successful franchise system. You operate your company independently and commit to applying standardised procedures. You will primarily work as part of your team with the customers. You have a completed vocational education or degree. In addition to an education in business administration, you have experience:

in human resource management
in marketing/sales
in cost management
in sport or medicine

Operating as a franchisee also requires a particular focus on service and a high level of social competence. Your dedication enables you to demonstrate your organisational talent and your ability to serve as a role model. You like to plan. At our training centre in Cologne, you will undergo basic and management training during the project phase, in which we will prepare you for the specifics of operating a company with Kieser Training. Internships with our subsidiaries ensure that your training is conducted with a practical frame of reference. Regular training activities ensure that you are always up to speed.

How do you become a franchisee?

Do you have these qualities? Do you see yourself in this description? Are you ready to take an entrepreneurial risk, and do you have € 30,000 of available equity?

If so, you can download our franchise concept and questionnaire. The following six steps are the path to success:  

1. You gain an impression

The first thing to do is take an introductory training session at a Kieser studio. You should then visit other studios to take a more in-depth impression.

2. You get in touch with us

Are you interested in a location in Germany, Austria or Switzerland? Please contact the following e-mail address:
If you are interested in a location outside the German, Austrian or Swiss market, please contact the following address:

3. We get to know one another

We meet for an in-depth informational and introductory discussion.

4. You become a franchise candidate

We sign an agreement for your franchise region to protect your and our interests. This marks the start of planning your training studio (location evaluation, budgeting, financing plan, etc.).

5. You work in a Kieser Training studio

You complete the basic training before working for at least three months in a Kieser studio.

6. You become a franchisee

Once you have undergone all suitability tests, signed the lease, secured financing and successfully completed the management training, the franchise agreement is concluded.